Company: AlixPartners
Medium: Print, Web, Social, Environmental
Role: Art Director, Designer, Production Artist

Promoted “Value Creation in a Low-Growth World” campaign throughout AlixPartner's website and social media. Designed and prepared invites, email, agenda, program, signage, banners, and staging for AlixPartners’ EMEA forums, which, in London, brought together 200 leaders from the biggest European companies to create discussion and debate around key topics in the coming year. 


Company: Global X Funds
Medium: Print, Web, Social, Advertising
Role: Art Director (banner ads), Designer, Production Artist
Agency: Perky Bros, Nashville TN

Recognized as a leader in developing intelligent investment solutions for their clients, the Global X navigator rebrand is the epitome of this smart, client-centric company. Working with the elements of the new brand, I designed and produced banner ads and financial graphics, and laid out print collateral. Below are examples of their investment cases, digital ads, reports, and website graphics. 


Company: Global X Funds
Medium: Digital
Role: Art Director, Designer, Production Artist

Slide 1: Opens on “INTRODUCING”.
MINI SLIDES: “INTRODUCING” slides out to the top, pulling background color change (orange to white) along with the Ticker and fund name.
Slide 2: Ticker and fund name slides out to the top.
Slide 3: “A NEW ADDITION” fades in.
Slide 4: “TO THE GLOBAL X SUPERDIVIDEND® FAMILY” comes in from bottom and pushes up “A NEW ADDITION”. Slides out to the top.
Slide 5: Family graphic comes in from bottom. Slight animation on SRET. Slides out to the top.
Slide 6: Ticker and fund name slide in from the bottom.
Slide 7-9: Disclosure and final slide as usual.